who we are

Katie has a degree in film studies from the University of Vermont and a passion
for travel which she discovered early on. She has a collection of short and
feature-length documentaries, having worked on projects
as filmographer, producer and editor. Growing up, Katie spent time doing
community volunteer work in Mexico and South America, earning the President’s
Student Service Award. After graduating from college she spent a year living out
of her backpack, sleeping in hostel bunkbeds and showering with her sandals on
while travling and working throughout Europe.  Barista, bookseller, manager and assistant teacher are all hats she has worn — but she is most excited by her most recent role as a sapphic nomad.

Maggie has a BA in cultural anthropology and has an MA in social work, recently
obtaining her LISW. She loves to travel and has done a lot of it around the
world; she lived in Hungary for a year in high school, and then lived in a
Hungarian village in Romania for 6 months while in college, where she conducted
anthropological fieldwork. In 2007 she lived in South Africa, where she
volunteered with the Peace Corps, working with children orphaned by HIV and
AIDS. She has a passion for photography and art, learning new languages and
trying new foods. She enjoys interviewing others and advocating for them, and
is excited to further these skills through her current Sapphic Nomads project.

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