Walk Like An Egyptian…

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The second episode of our two part series from Mongolia aired last week on the internationally broadcasted radio program This Way Out!  If you haven’t already, please check it out!But first, what do Mumbai, Cairo and Accra all have in common?  It’s that the Sapphic Nomads have taken each of these cities by storm in just the last two weeks!  While our senses have been delighted by all the new sights, smells and sounds, our sleep patterns and bellies have yet to catch up with what feels like a revolving door of cuisines and time zones!


(Eric, Katie and Maggie at the Pyramids)

After celebrating Pride in Mumbai (and meeting some truly amazing LGBT community members there), we were on our way to Ghana via a week long “lay over” in Cairo. During our brief stopover we got to visit the Pyramids, catch up with an old friend from home, and check out first hand the “new” Egypt as it wrestles with it’s evolving identity.  


We had seven days of turkish coffee, calls to prayer, and revolutionary graffiti art before heading off to West Africa.  We arrived to Accra, Ghana and found ourselves almost immediately drenched in the heat and humidity!  Each day we’ve gone to bed and been woken up with drumming in the air.  

Maggie and Katie get a drumming lesson.  Accra, Ghana
(Maggie and Katie get a drumming lesson. Accra, Ghana)

After enjoying the culinary magic of Indian food for months on end, the staple of fried rice and chicken here is something we still have to get used to!  But despite the fatigue of jet lag, the constant packing of suitcases, and the ever looming farewell that we know we must say, the arrival to a new place always brings with it a burst of renewed wonder.


Thank you for continuing to follow along in our journey.  And please remember to check out our latest radio broadcast from This Way Out (our segment begins at the 19 minutes and 7 seconds mark!)



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