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At least seven hundred million of the planet’s seven billion people are likely
lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. As we know from our own lives here in
the U.S., the experience of being LGBT varies widely, depending in large part on
the culture and community in which one lives. What is the range of experiences
of individuals around the globe?

As a female couple who loves to travel, we have felt a growing curiosity about the experiences of LGBT people around the world and in July, 2012 we ventured off to find answers to many of our questions.  We did some crowd-funding, saved money — and then we quit our jobs.  We left our homes, sold most of our possessions, and said goodbye to family and friends, our back-packs filled with camera equipment, clothes, Lonely Planet guidebooks, and only rough itineraries of the countries we hoped to visit: Samoa, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, India, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Israel, Hungary, Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Iceland.

We call ourselves the Sapphic Nomads.

Making our way across five continents, we are seeking out, meeting with and interviewing LGBT individuals at their work, in their homes and in local cafes.  Meeting people has often been easier than we imagined it would be, and we are constantly reminded that we truly are everywhere.   We have already made invaluable friendships and have heard many amazing stories–both in front of the camera and in casual meetings.  We are learning about the ways in which the ever-changing contexts of policies, history, tradition and religion shape identities and relationships.

As we create bonds with resource centers and with LGBT people, we have been making efforts to connect them with the  LGBT resource centers we have already met, creating further links in the chain of education and support in the hopes of making the world just a tiny bit smaller.  Our goal is to complete this chain by sharing what we learn with those of you who follow our journey.

We have  been creating 7-minute radio segments for the radio program, This Way Out, which broadcasts LGBT-related news around the world.  We have also been publishing written reports, telling the stories of the truly extraordinary people we’ve met during our travels.

We are often in a state of awe on this amazing journey as we learn about this huge world around us, and at the countless brave, committed and compassionate people we have been meeting along the way–people who, with patience and good humor, have taken us in and shared their personal and sometimes difficult stories with us.  And our adventure only continues to reveal more wonders.

For the latest stories of our adventures and to learn more about LGBT issues in the countries we visit, please check out our ‘Updates’ page and tune in to our radio reports on This Way Out, by visiting our ‘Press’ page.

Thank you to all of our readers and followers, and please contact us with questions or comments.  We look forward to sharing our journey with you!


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  1. Yangfa says:

    Hello there Maggie & Katie!

    I first heard about what you’re doing some time back (I think it was a radio programme?), & only just found your website after reading an article on Gay Star News. Sounds really exciting! But looking at your itinerary, it looks like you have no plans to stopover in Singapore?

    Anyway, if you ever change your minds and your travel plans, do let me know & I’ll see how I can help put you in touch with other LGBT folk in Singapore who are doing all sorts of good work here!

    In the meantime, all the best & safe journeys,

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