Curious About the Global LGBTQ Experience? So are we.

Sapphic Nomads are adventurers, seekers, storytellers and partners. In July of 2012 we set off on a journey in search of LGBTQ communities around the globe.

What is it like to be gay in Mongolia, a country undergoing rapid economic and cultural changes?  Has the Arab Spring had an effect on queer culture in North Africa and the Middle East? What is it like to be a same-sex couple in South Africa, where gay marriage is legal but the general attitude of most people in the country is adamantly, and sometimes violently, homophobic?

While we travel through regions spanning at least five continents, we will interview LGBTQ individuals and follow them through their day-to-day experiences as they teach us about what it’s like to be gay in their part of the world. Since laws and attitudes can dictate how people express themselves, as individuals and in relationships, we want to know how the communities of the people we encounter have shaped the development of their sexual and gender identities.

Thanks for checking out our site and we look forward to bringing you many more LGBTQ stories from the road…


Katie and Maggie